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galeria avierta para todo lo que gusten. encargos bases etc. bienbenidos


las mejores imagenes... animaciones... diceńso de personajes... lugares o fondos...

si buscan ideas para historias o cosas... chequenla con paciencia ^^ seguro hayaran algo interesante


Adrian Lopez Moreno
No soy un artista... aunque me gustaría.
soy Diseñador Gráfico.
a questions of :iconsteampunksalutation:

1)Favorite food?
the Aztek Kake, hamburger & tacos

2)What are your hobbies?
Draw, listen music of AMV in youtube, or raps the same & help all people ^^

3)What's on your bucket list?
draw some cool that my favorite artist, take a nice girlfriend :)

4)Favorite artist?
:iconjohnjoseco: :iconjagodibuja: :iconluminaura: :iconatryl: :iconbleedman:  they are my favorite arthist of everthing! :la: 

5)If you have an OC, is that OC a representation of you?
hum yes but, I have worse long time to change this concept does. now would be the closest thing is  Black Fang by Evanzblack

6)Favorite color?
Black and Whithe.

7)Do you like Arizona tea?Tea 
i like tea,  but i don't drink Arizona tea.

8)What is your main OTP?
i dont understand acronym 

9)Opinion on Equestria Girls?
a first it's stupid... i don't liked so much.  a second its better with a monster high... sorry the dazzling, they are so good and realist villains. but only they, the evolution of sunset shimer, they are only good of movie. 

10)How often do you post art?
when I finish something I'd like to publish and I do not delay anything.

1.) You must post these rules.
2.) Answer the ten questions the person who tagged you made and make up your own 10 questions for the people you tag to answer.
3.) Choose ten people and put their icons on this journal.
4.) Go to their pages and inform them that they have been tagged if you want.
5.) You have to legitimately tag 10 people. 
6.) No tag-backs.
7.) Can't say, no tags.
8.) Everyone that has been TAGGED must make a journal entry. 

from the rules of there up... F#%¬ &@ i am sure all my friends they are so busy to answer my stupid questions... and from me I don't want to bother with these things.

so if i brake a rules... I don't care. thanks. 


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hemmm pues quien me guste donar gracias ^^

es para mantener la cuenta premium por otro año XP

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Mei-lin, a Shadopan of Horde
She is Mei-lin, a OC and Character mine in World of Warcraft, one of my favorites XD 

a "slender pandaren"  Assasin, ninja and warior, ready from fight from the Horde. (i hate that we can't use the uniform of shadopan in the game! )

the originals consepts from she they are here:   

and from this work you can watch a sketches and more here: 


Color Test:…


Marlenn Rottedstar
she is a character in WoW  of one friend.  I hope pour liked. 

Here they are a links to a little more of this character. 

part 1:…

part 2:…

part 3:…

Nude version:…

Play of the game:…

play of the game NSFW:…
Friendship is Force: Imprisoning a fallen Luna
Celestia: its over!  this is end. 

Luna: you never stop me ... your authority is nothing!  You not even understand what we does. 

Shining Armor: You cost the lives of several jedis and civilians in your search and study of the dark side.

Celestia: Luna, do not you understand that it's not worth the path of darkness?  you let you corrupt, sister! 

Luna: don't sermons, if you're going to kill me, do it now... or we will be do.. *ahhggg* 

Centinel: stop here... fallen Jedi.

Celestia: *cry* no ... you will be locked in this moon ... forever.

Luna: you would not dare, big sister.

Celestia: i'm sorry luna... i'm sorry... commander Shining Armor, prepare to convene a legion and start modifying the temple, to imprison my sister ... never let out... "captan Shining Armor".

Shining Armor: at your service master Jedi...
Here we can see with great regret and sorrow, imprisonment of Luna. where to investigate the dark side hidden and irresponsibly, she ended corruptly, and slowly fallen into darkness, jealousy and paranoid that eventually did her fall into darkness.

Celestia sent to all order Jedi to contain when they discovered his experiments, charging not only the life of Jedis, but some civilians who experiment with some powers too.

Celestia being unable to kill her, ordered modify their temple on the moon, the planet lies the jedi temple Celestia to guard her forever. (i dont thinking in the planet XD )

After that Celestia was much less flexible in meeting the jedi code ... and less inflexible when taking the order directing choses firmly with the bojetive to prevent any fallen in the dark.

if Celestia could force them not to fall ... her would.

i hope your liked.  we can watch a Celestia Jedi, Luna Dark Jedi, and a a new captan of army of Republic Galactic, that acended in this mission. 
Friendship is Force: Ember and spike
Eyup they are a fast draw of Ember and spike in the universe of Friendship is force.  it was turn to good guys  XD 

Ember: she is a Ex-Jedi that leave a order Jedi, from joined to Army of Republic, and fight with the mandalorians that they are invaded some worlds. Celestia not want to get involved in that war, but Ember and some other jedis (Fang too.), she felt it was his responsibility to help, but Celestia banned it.

this almost divides the order in two ... but in the end she left the order losing his titles and his lightsaber, to join the army of the republic. Before leaving, she forbade all his allies do the same, it could not afford to destroy the order on a whim.

will eventually ascended job and now she is the most powerful admiral of the republic.

she know use some much weapons, she knows how to use many weapons and vehicles, but his favorite is his modified electric baton that can resist lightsabers. 

at a time at 18 knows spike that has about 16 years, which after a period of time on the front and lost in a planet fall in love with him.

at first she thought awful to fall in love a child, however spike will correspond his feelings, so when Spike meets most of age and the conflict with the sith intensifies, he leaves the order to also joined armed, and go to marry with Ember, which his waited patiently all this time.

Spike: He will be a second padawan of Twilight sparkle. in the conflict with the sith,  he and twilight go to help to Almirant Ember, but in the battle, they are need evacue a battle ship, with sipike going to ember and shipwrecked on a jungle planet. 

the two managed to survive together, with spike that at age 16 years, he knew fend well ... and much more learning from it how to survive, saving her life many occasions.

Ember began to fall in love with spike, and in fact felt guilty because he was way too young.
as spike ever had assumed that like a rarity, and that the order did not approve of the relationship, I fell is confused in the started, but eventually corresponded ember feeling no matter their ages.

when they were rescued, spike received a recognition by the republic ... then further training to fulfill most of age to marry Ember, leaving the order and desconsolando a little Twilgiht, which after a few niggles, finished supporting him in its decision.

if you want to see them separately click here:…
(EYUP!  I SHIPED A SPIKE AND EMBER! :la: :la: :la:


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